11Apr 2014
Is It Possible To Move House Without Stress?
Is It Possible To Move House Without Stress?
Moving house is bound to cause anxiety at some point however there are things which you can do in order to help reduce the stresses of moving. To move house stress-free it involves lots of planning and organising to ensure that everything is in order and you know exactly what you should be doing and when you should do it. If you are moving house or office right now, you may be wondering what you can do to help the process remain calm and composed? Here are some helpful tips for you Tip 1 careful planning!As soon as you are absolutely sure that you will be moving house you should start to plan this move straight away. Start by making a list of things to do, anything that you can think of that may associated with or relevant to the move should be written on this list. Here are some examples of what needs to included on the list, changes of addresses, dates for new energy supplies to the new property, date for moving in, hiring a man and van for removals, sorting out and de-cluttering, packing and packaging for packing up household contents and so on. Tip 2 De-clutter, sort out and prepare yourself ready for the move!Whilst you are at home waiting for removal day to arrive there are things which you can do in the mean time, which would help to make things easier on moving day. Start by having a good sort out at home and trying to de-clutter as best you can so that you have less stuff to take with you. If you have hoarded stuff over the years that you no longer need, you could try to sell some of those things to raise cash to put towards the removal fund. Starting one room at a time, work your way through the whole entire house and decide what you would like to keep and take with you to the new house, what you may want to pass on to a family member or friend as it’s no longer needed and they may make use of it, what could possibly be worth selling to raise funds and what needs tipping because it’s no longer working, broken or worn. Reducing the amount of hoarded contents you have is a great way of releasing some stress even before all of the hustle and bustle has began. When moving into a new property it can be quite exhilarating to move in with lesser baggage by de-cluttering any old unwanted stuff from your previous life, ready for a fresh start in your new home. Moving into a new home with less clutter is the perfect way for starting fresh, you will appreciate the amount of space you now have and it allows extra room for adding those new touches to a new home, providing that you don’t repeat old habits by collecting things again.Tip 3) preparing for moving day!Whilst you have time on your hands, it would be a good idea to start thinking about hiring a removals team to help you move. Once you have a date available you can book but in the mean time you could spend the time trying to find a reputable removals company. Start by asking others who they would recommend, ask friends and family who may have moved recently and see which removals company they used. Aside from this you may want to search online particular social networking pages to see who others are recommending too. To get the best deal from a removals company, collect quotes from various ones to give you some idea about what the going rate is and you could use this to haggle to see if they will budge on that.

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