Nowadays, the internet offers us help, assistance and amusement in most circumstances and situations, even when you're moving house. We've compiled five online platforms which may be of use when you're house hunting, moving or settling in – whether you're looking for advice, services, tips or just something to pass the time.

Moving blogs

There are countless moving blogs out there, many by professional companies, although a search will bring you plenty of personal blogs highlighting tips, tricks and ideas to help moving that little bit less stressful. Asides from help and advice, they're also a great way to unwind and forget about your own moving issues and instead escape into the tribulations of someone else. On many sites there are downloads to help you such as moving calenders and check lists to keep you up to date and organised, as well as many keen bloggers reviewing technology and services which could help you.

Compare energy and bills

Moving home is the perfect opportunity to address those expensive or perhaps unnecessary monthly bills. If you've been paying for a gym membership that's never been used, now is the perfect time to cancel it if you can. Perhaps you subscribe to services which you think you could do without, especially if it benefits you financially, why not give it a try when you're in your new house? Comparing energy suppliers is not only eco-friendly but can leave you with much more money in your pocket, and nowadays, you don't need to stop at energy suppliers, you can compare everything from broadband providers to credit card companies meaning those savings can soon mount up.

Comparison sites – Removal companies

After you've slashed your bills and said goodbye to unnecessary expenses you can still enjoy the benefits of comparison sites with the services you'll be using whilst moving. A comparison site for anything means just that, including removal companies and storage centres, so you can find the best deal for you. It's as easy as it sounds, simply pop in a few bits of information regarding your move and watch as your results are returned, offering you the best price, special offers and diverse companies.

Community noticeboards

Community and local websites may also bring you a wealth of information regarding your move. Noticeboard style websites bring people together and provide a great audience for adverts from both individuals and companies. Similarly, your local newspaper's web pages or a forum dedicated to your area will be full of people offering services, tips and advice. From looking for a man and van to trying out the local classes in your new area and maybe even looking for a house or a job; you can find adverts for all this and more on local platforms, as well as giving you the chance to post one or two yourself.

Local Councils

Even if you're moving to just around the corner, you may well fall under a new local authority, and with that comes new schools, new rubbish removal dates, new leisure facilities and new council tax systems. Both the good, the bad and the mundane can be found on your local council website, you may even find that you can do everything on it from signing up to a new yoga class to paying those bills. It will offer a wealth of information for newcomers to the area as well as being invaluable later on, long after settling in. Having a browse through the site will get you accustomed to quite a fair bit of information across council matters, leisure facilities, term holidays amongst other things. From planning notices, meeting minutes, local councillors details, information on schools and services and events in the local area, it will be a great resource for everything you might need whilst settling in after moving to a new area.

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