Find the perfect storage solution for your Bermondsey home by following this simple guide to the different options currently available for you to choose from.

Self storage

The great thing about self storage is that it can offer personal and business service users a secure storage solution that they can completely take charge of. Self storage services allow you to rent a space where you can keep your goods and belongings for a certain amount of time. Self storage gives you a lot more flexibility and endless options – it’s the ultimate ‘do it yourself’ in the storage world.

The self storage space you choose will always vary in size according to your specific needs and circumstances. You can choose to storage clothing, kitchen goods, furniture and more. Another great advantage of self storage is that you can visit your self storage unit whenever suits you and add more or take less away from your load. This is what makes this option so flexible. You will also be assured that your self storage unit will stay where it is and your goods won't be moved without your permission. So you can be safe in the knowledge that during your move to Bermondsey, your goods will be stored securely.

Portable storage

Portable storage is also a very flexible option for your removal to Bermondsey. Portable storage is basically a range of units that include containers or ‘pods’ that can be left in a storage site for a chosen amount of time or transported – the choice is yours. A portable storage option would be ideal for your house move to Bermondsey as it gives you more time to pack as well as a place to store goods before you go. This way your belongings won’t have to be loaded and unloaded more than once. Portable storage come in different shapes and sizes and can be as large as 16 metres. Larger portable storage units aren’t designed for home use but more so for industrial work sites. You can discuss which size will suit you through a storage company. The advantage of portable storage units is that you don’t have a time limit for renting, you just need to pay the monthly charges and maintain it as instructed.

Storage containers

There are so many types of storage containers depending on what exactly it is you’re moving to Bermondsey. You can get hold of containers from local shops and larger retail stores.

Kitchen storage is designed to be strong enough to hold foods and drink, along with kitchenware and appliances. The main materials these containers are crafted out of are usually plastic, but sometimes glass and metal. Bedroom storage containers are usually designed to be flat, vacuum-packed.

Sealed plastic containers are brilliant for storing under beds or on top of wardrobes. This is a great option for storing summer or winter clothing during the opposing months. Another storage container option is a large wicker basket or a wooden box. These are great for storing shoes and toys for example/ Large stackable bins or colourful boxes are perfect for children’s rooms. You can be really creative with storage containers. They are available in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and designs for you to mix and match. Shelving units will hold a variety of storage containers, depending on your needs. Consider storage containers for your move to Bermondsey and you’ll find this a cost-effective way to relocate on a budget.

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