Man and Van Services in Bermondsey

Occam’s Razor is the principle that the simplest solution is the best and that’s an approach that like to take. A move can require a lot of work that can leave you stressed and anxious. You’ll worry if you’ll be able to do everything yourself, let alone afford it. Have you considered that to move you will have to do paperwork, pack all your things in containers and wrapping you’ll have to obtain, find transport and drivers, book any necessary storage facilities, load and unload your things then unwrapping and packing everything and setting it all up? It may not seem like there is a simple solution to these problems but we have one; a man with a van.

Our Man and Van service is one we are proud of because they will solve all of your moving problems . We treat you as an individual and as such we ask you what you want from us and what you need help with so we can give you what you need all for an affordable price. At any point of your move we’re here for you, if it’s the beginning or towards the end it’s no problem since we want to provide a flexible and personal approach to suit your needs.

So one you’ve called we’ll send you a man in his van and he’ll get to work by assisting you with your move. He’ll help you to pack (including providing materials), load your goods, transport them, unload and unpack them, set them up for you and more. We ensure that our staff are polite, hard working and patient. They’ll take time to help with any grievances and put you on the right path.

The men we employ will be experienced in removals services and good at their job. They will not only do all the work but be friendly and make everything more pleasant. They will guide you and advise you when necessary and will be open to any questions you have. They will keep you well informed on their progress so you are never left in the dark as it is your move and you are important to us. They’ll do everything you could ever want and more.

Some companies can provide you with a long list of their packages that may seem fancy but it’s nothing to what we do. Their rigid schemes mean you have to wade through them all to find the one most suitable for you and even then it might not completely match what you want and that is why we provide what only what you ask for and charge you accordingly.

Our men can also can suggest storage facilities for your goods if you are not ready to have them taken directly to your new home or office. You can keep your things with us for as long as you need but know that while we have them they are completely safe and you can access them any day of the week or we can bring them to you.

Our team are good at their job so they wouldn’t let something as big as international moves stand in the way of them helping a customer. A move from Bermondsey into the EU can be exceedingly difficult but we’re here to make it a swift and smooth transition. Our team are experienced with foreign moves so there’s no difficulty that they can’t help you to overcome.

So whether it’s a new home or office, call Call Now! and we’ll give you a simple solution for your move.

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