When you’re planning that big move to south east London, such as SE16, as well as all the important details you will need to cover, it’s important you ensure you are moving legally with an insured and registered company. The last thing you’ll want on top of the stress of moving is to be a victim of removal fraud. To make sure that you are aware of scams and clued up on fraud, here are some tips and tricks to look out for.

One of the most common SE16 house removals scams is whereby a removals company will provide a quote, load up your belongings and then state a much higher price for delivery, therefore refusing to unload your goods until you pay up. To avoid this, always make sure you do you groundwork before hiring a removal company to help you move. Word of mouth removals are great, especially if you know of a few people who have used them. This way you’ll have a bit of background information about them and be fully aware of their removal services. Make sure you discuss the amount of goods you are moving, dates and times and all other details well in advance and lock down a quote before the day. To avoid any unexpected charges, you can either pay in advance or at the end of the move, therefore not risking your goods. This is totally up to you but remember, a good removals company will be insured and you should consider insurance too so you can be safe and secure in your big move to your chosen SE16 home.

    Try to avoid putting down a deposit that you very well might not ever get back. Reputable removal companies won’t ask for you to pay a deposit up front. Only scammers will do this, plus they are very good at adding on additional charges for credit card use.
    Unless a company has visited your home and given you an estimation or quote, don’t hire them. This is just asking for trouble. How will a company know how much to charge you without weighing up the costs in person? Be street wise, even during a visit and keep valuables off display for extra safety and peace at mind.
    Estimations should be based on weight not height. Most scammers will charge you for the height rather than the weight of a box but remember it’s the weight a van or lorry has its capacity limit for, the height of boxes can be played around with but not the weight.
    Try to avoid any companies who try to pressure you into signing. You must always ensure you read any contracts and paperwork thoroughly before signing and seek legal support if you feel this is necessary. And remember to only sign once you understand every point written and stated, if you’re unsure, ask.
    Before, after and during the move, document everything. Take pictures of the move and ensure you have the company’s number plates and license details. A tracking service is usually available for long haul moves, and even for shorter moves. Consider this for extra security.
    Finally, to avoid fraud and scams in removals, plan ahead of time. The more time you have available to organise your move will mean you will have a lot more time to investigate a company, shop around and document everything to prevent any nasty surprises.
    Remember, not all companies will be scammers and you probably won’t be a victim of fraud, but for an easy move to your new SE16 home, do your research and stay street wise.

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