The great thing about using cardboard packaging for house removals is that they are so accessible and easy to get hold of. From supermarkets to large stores and charity shops – cardboard boxes are everywhere and most places are happy to let go of them.

Cardboard packaging is also a great way to recycle. Next time you unpack large appliances, if you have the space consider keeping the boxes, as they will come in handy if you have a planned removal in the future. Not only are they perfect for recycling, they are light and easy to carry. Just make sure you don’t over-pack them – they’re made out of cardboard not metal after all!
Cardboard packaging is brilliant for packing clothing and lighter items for your move. Remember that they aren’t built to carry heavy items so avoid using them to carry breakable goods such as china and porcelain – unless they are extremely durable. Using heavy-duty tape will also give the boxes some extra protection and security. Play it by ear and judge the boxes weight on what they were originally used for. This is a pretty simple way of measuring what can be carried in cardboard and what can’t.

Once you have used cardboard boxes for your relocation and removal, they are so easy to pack away for reusing or can be taken to recycling banks. So you wont’ be left with a pile of boxes hanging around in your new place. You can also use them whilst you are waiting for new furniture or your previous goods to arrive. They can be used for storage and to keep bits and pieces that need unpacking out of the way until you do so.

Cardboard packaging is such a cheap and easy way to pack and move. You’ll save a lot of money on buying expensive plastic boxes that just aren’t as economically friendly. Really consider if you are likely to reuse plastic boxes and crates before you make the decision as to what to use to pack.

Another great advantage to using cardboard packaging, as they are so easy to load up in a van. Depending on the shapes and sizes of the boxes, you’ll find slotting them into spaces really easy compared to bags and plastic containers. You can also label them so simply which will make the unpacking process of your up and coming removal a lot easier – guessing games aren’t so fun when you’re in a tight time scale!

The more we reuse cardboard boxes, the greener our planet will become. Consider cardboard over plastic and you’ll actually save money as well as the planet. Cardboard is pretty much free and available so widely. Next time you’re unpacking that electronic or appliance, consider keeping the packaging. You never know when it will come in use – your next removal could be around the corner and you can never be more prepared. Of course, if you’re not planning a removal anytime soon, donate cardboard boxes to charity shops or to people who are moving soon. Rather then throwing them away, reusing cardboard is an efficient and budget-friendly way of moving, storing and packing. There are plenty of advantages to persuade you, so next time you go to chuck that cardboard box in the bin think of our planet and how beneficial recycling is.

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