Bermondsey Storage Facilities

If you have already looked at our services then you know that will help in every aspect of your move. Organisation, packing, loading, transport and setting up is all things we do within Bermondsey and beyond, so you would think that these are all the necessary services required for a top removal company, but we want to go an extra step so we also provide excellent storage facilities. In some moves, people may not move directly from one location to another, they may want to make a move more gradual or the place they move into has less room than their previous home or office. This is were storage comes into play.

Having local sites to hold the goods of those who are moving can make a move a whole lot easier. Once your things are packed properly and in the appropriate containers we can take them to our amenities located in Bermondsey. We can directly collect as many things as you want us to, if it’s just a few small items, some furniture, a vehicle or everything from your house, either way we can take care of it. You will have access to your belongings any day of the week so you’re never without them when you need them, especially as we can deliver them straight to you.

The containers we use are made with keeping your things safe in mind. They are constructed to be able to withstand hold or cold temperatures, to prevent water from entering and are physically stable ensuring that it can’t collapse or break so your items are exceedingly safe. The container and area is secure to prevent any thieves or vandals from getting anywhere near your goods. The facilities come in various sized allowing us to take a wide range of items as possible. We can look after your things for as long as you want for several days or months. The greater the information you give us on your things the better we can match your needs.

The integrity and condition of your things is extremely important to us. We take it very seriously to make sure that nothing happens to them. To do this we take a thorough inventory of everything you leave with us so everything is accounted for when storing and returning them. We utilise wrapping that will add extra layers of safety so in the highly unlikely event of the container failing your things will still be intact. Everything will be arranged carefully so that no fragile items are left under something heavy or anything is stacked erroneously that good cause things to tumble and fall. There are locks on the container as well as security watching your things at all times so only you and us will have access to your things.

The prices we set are fair and inexpensive compared to the superior service we provide. As our services are aimed at those who are moving we price them accordingly avoiding excessive rental costs and we only charge you for what you use. Unlike other storage businesses we are here to help you move so we cover transport to and from the facility. We want to give you the best service at the best price.

So if you need some storage when moving to your new home or office don’t hesitate to call us on Call Now! for further details and a free quote. At whatever point you need our help, if it’s the beginning or near the end of your move we’ll be there to back your move an enjoyable experience.

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