22Apr 2024
This is one incredible team!
Lloyd Milton
13Mar 2024
My move could not have gone any smoother, all thanks to the reliable and skilled assistance provided by the movers.
Odessa G.
11Feb 2024
Their teamwork was exceptional and they managed to transport all my items without any damage.
Sally O'Toole
01Feb 2024
Our recent move was made effortless thanks to Removals Bermondsey' professional and efficient services. Within one day, they successfully relocated our large home.
James B.
22Jan 2024
My friend suggested Bermondsey Removal Company for my move and I am glad I followed their recommendation.
Glenda Weiser
03Nov 2023
What really shines about this team is their dedication to professionalism, courtesy and help - from their welcome in sales right through to delivery point.
Fiona S.
16May 2023
I had to book their moving services in a hurry, and BermondseyRemovals were a great choice. Thankfully, they had teams available who couldn't have been better on the day.
Dane Griffiths
24Apr 2023
The man with a van service was cheap and cheerful service. I got just what I required on a moving day from Removals Bermondsey. The hard-working lad made things so much easier for me and made the day easier to get through.
Craig E
18Jul 2016
The man with van services I recently hired were extremely useful. They made all the difference to my move and made sure I got exactly what I needed. The mover from Bermondsey Movers helped me in all aspects of my relocation and made sure that I had a safe move.
Will Jackson
02Dec 2015
I was thrilled with the removal van we rented from BermondseyRemovals. We were on a budget and doing our house move ourselves so decided on van hire as it was flexible with times and van sizes. The customer service helped choose a van in a size to suit our load, and estimated the time we would need it for. A driver came with the moving van which was a huge benefit, it just meant we had to load and unload our lot. All in all it was a smooth removal with no issues. Thanks so much!
Rachel Vine
31Jul 2015
I would like to thank the whole removal team and admin team at Bermondsey Removal Company for your great job last Saturday. The team behind the scenes worked exceptionally hard to get the day and time I wanted for the move, and the removal team made sure it happened within a very tight time schedule that I had. Flawless customer service, I highly recommend this company.
Jamie Chandler
12Nov 2014
Moving is stressful and there is a lot to arrange. I was moving to another area because of my job and had a budget from my company to spend on removals. I hired BermondseyRemovals as I had heard good reviews about them. They did a fantastic job and were prompt. Nothing was too much for them and some of my stuff was heavy! The move went smoothly and the bill was very reasonable. I would suggest if you want a competent company to use these they were great.
A. Wilkerson
07Oct 2014
Moving house was so easy once I'd hired house movers from BermondseyRemovals! The movers were great, really friendly, very professional and clearly experienced. They dealt with my fragile goods with great care and paid a lot of attention to detail, especially when loading up the van. I loved every second of this house moving service and I was also very pleased with the price, which was a lot cheaper than a previous company I'd used! This service saved me so much hassle and worry, and I can't imagine I'd move house with any other company from now on!
Emma D.
10Sep 2014
If I were to do my removal again, I would not do anything differently. I really enjoyed working with BermondseyRemovals and however surprising it may sound, they managed the whole job in a way that prevented me from having any regrets on the matter whatsoever. You can't really expect that sort of thing normally, so I will be using them again next time I need a job doing well!
Daniel M.
16Jul 2014
I am the last person that you could usually ask about things like moving house, but I know one thing, and that is that I would not have been able to do my recent removal if it had not been for BermondseyRemovals! You get the best service around form them, and they help with everything, from planning to execution. I even got them to help unpack as part of a deal that they offered, which was most helpful indeed. Hopefully I won't be moving house again anytime soon, but if I do, then I will be using them again!
Lillian Torres
26Jun 2014
If you're looking for help with a move, then the company who I'd call are BermondseyRemovals. They've helped me out a few times now and I can honestly say that there's no one I would trust more to help me with my moving. Their domestic removals are top notch and I cannot find fault with the services or expertise they have to offer. Most importantly, though, they make moving into a new home nice and easy and that's really what it's all about at the end of the day. Excellent company, would work with again at any time. Thanks.
Donald Wolfe
02Jun 2014
If you are moving house and want to move quickly and without any hitches then you must hire this company. BermondseyRemovals and brilliant, they move you in no time at all and although they move you quickly they always maintain good workmanship whilst on the job, everything is dealt with carefully and constructively. I had no accidental damages and I had a lot of goods to move and considering I hadn't taken out any insurance I was very grateful that this move did not incur any extra costs. Thanks to their experienced hard work I moved into my new home swiftly!
Derek T.
13May 2014
Last month, BermondseyRemovals helped me with my move to my new home in the city. My apartment was on the fifth floor and there was no elevator, so you can imagine my dilemma at having to lift all my boxes all the way up all of those stairs. It was hell! On the day though, it went really well. They carried everything to the top of the stairs and sorted everything out. All my belongings were in great condition. I checked for any scratches but everything was ok. I was more than happy! I highly recommend them!!!
29Apr 2014
Those people who suggested that I give BermondseyRemovals a call were bang on the money. Haven't had that simple a moving experience in, well, ever, I don't think. I was really impressed from the first time I got in touch with them and they managed to put me at ease throughout the move and make sure that I was entirely relaxed. I can't remember ever have such an easy moving experience and they really did go above and beyond in order to make sure that I got the best experience for me. Really good, wanted to let people know.
Annie P.
15Apr 2014
Moving house is a tremendously difficult thing to do right, as you rarely find yourself with a minute to sit down and relax, and with everything going on, it can be difficult to know exactly how to play the whole thing correctly, without losing your mind! However, our recent removal was a lot easier, thanks to the help of BermondseyRemovals who managed and performed our whole move. Their dedication to getting things done safely and securely was amazing to see in action, and they really did get us moved in the easiest way possible, which was brilliant!
Sonya Lane
29Mar 2014
BermondseyRemovals were a pleasure to deal with from beginning to the finish when I recently moved house. I had heard good reviews about these guys from waiting in the school playground for my kids. A few of the other Mums had used them and had nothing but good things to say about them. My move was completely free from hassle, and the workforce was friendly. Nothing was too much trouble and we hired the complete package including the packing up of our contents. The price was good and worth every penny. Thanks so much, I will certainly recommend you use this company if moving house.
Catarina K.
19Mar 2014
Getting the right removals services always seems like such a chore for some people. Not me. I know that one call to BermondseyRemovals and I can be absolutely sorted every single time. They've helped me move a few times and it's their help I turn to every time I need to move again. I pass on their details when I hear that people are having trouble, and people are astonished by how much better their service can be. So thanks again guys, not just for helping me, but my friends as well. And always a great price.
Andrew Ward
28Feb 2014
Moving home is just the worst. So many things, trying to get them somewhere else. My version of a nightmare, as I've just got so many things to move and a couple of cats who try and make everything all the more difficult. Luckily, though, I learned long ago (about two moves ago), that the only way to make sure that it goes well is to hire BermondseyRemovals. They've helped me out so many times now, and I always suggest them when someone so much as mentions a move. And they're nice to my cats, which I think might be the most important thing.
Christina Bell
10Feb 2014
You guys are going to have to stop making it so easy to recommend you, otherwise I'll never be able to book you next time I need to move. For anyone unawares, BermondseyRemovals provide the best removals service I've ever had, and continue to do so every time I go back to them. From the first time I moved, which must be over twenty years ago, I've been between lodgings so many times. The help I get from these guys nowadays makes me wish I'd discovered them sooner. So without further ado, I recommend that you hire them right away.
Mark A.
31Jan 2014
From my first dealings with the staff of BermondseyRemovals over the telephone, I knew that my move was starting off on track. The consultant I spoke to was so efficient and yet still had time to respond to my dry sense of humour with a joke or two of her own! When my movers arrived, I found that even these hard working individuals had the same friendly disposition and to be honest the mere fact that my move was able to be completed in time amidst all the jokes we were sharing, is a complete mystery! You guys are such experts at what you do and I have a deep respect for the way in which you do all this “grunt” work with a smile.
21Jan 2014
I didn't have a lot of choice for my moving day - I needed to hire a professional removals company because I just had too much furniture, and since I was also moving my fridge, freezer and washing machine I just knew it was too much for me to handle on my own. I heard about BermondseyRemovals online and they sounded perfect for my needs - I wasn't disappointed! I had really experienced and reliable movers for my moving day and they made the whole move into a quick and easy experience! This is a wonderful service and I can't thank my movers enough for all their help!
07Jan 2014
I have moved house a number of times, and have ever been treated as well as I was with BermondseyRemovals they really are the gentlemen of the removals industry. I found all the staff that I talked to be wonderfully friendly, whilst also very hardworking - there are no slackers on the books! In a way, it was nice to have a team that I felt I could get on with, as it made me want to get involved, though they certainly didn't need me to! I would recommend that anyone looking for a removals company that are diligent, respectful and well-priced go with these guys!
Virginia Jackson
28Dec 2013
Working with BermondseyRemovals was a great decision. I needed a reliable man and van company to provide some extra assistance packing, loading and transporting my belongings from one residence to the other. All the staff at BermondseyRemovals were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They worked well together and were helpful during every stage in the process. Not only were they a great team, but their service was affordable. The move was extremely quick and their services were accommodating. The entire company was helpful throughout the process. I couldn't have asked for a better service and I would undoubtedly recommend them in the future.
Maura O.
18Dec 2013
After hearing reviews from a friend, I finally decided to call BermondseyRemovals to provide assistance on my office move. I had worked with a number of unprofessional removal companies and didn't want this office move to be problematic. Luckily, BermondseyRemovals provided just the service I needed and their staff were friendly and knowledgeable. They knew just how to schedule the move, and did so in a convenient way. My business did not have much downtime and I was able to get the business up and running in no time due to their organized packing. Thanks for the great service!
Laura Owen
05Dec 2013
Hoping that they would live up to their advertising and reputation, I booked BermondseyRemovals in a last minute panic for my move last week, and was extremely pleased that I did! You never really know what you are going to get with these services, as you can't exactly test them out before paying, but I was really happily surprised! The guys were lovely, and made light work of the removal, which was no mean feat, as it was a six bed house that they were moving! I'd recommend them highly to anyone out there who needs a great job done by a nice bunch!
Sabrina B.
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