Whether you’re in charge of your own business or in charge of someone else’s, for a smooth office move, consider the following tips and tricks and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

•    Set aside a date in mind or secure a date if you can. This way you will have something to work towards. Allow yourself as much time as you can to prepare for the move and to get your colleagues ready too.

•    Research into business removal specialists and see what is available in your area. Take into account how much you will be moving. This will include any furniture such as chairs and desks and/or any electrical items such as computers and printers. It’s a good idea to ask the removals company as many questions as you can, should you choose to hire one. This way you can prepare and avoid mishaps on the day.

•    You might be organising a DIY move. Again, this will need careful planning and thought. Organising your team and yourself well in advance will make your office removal a lot easier.

•    Create a detailed floor plan as soon as you know where and when you are moving. You might want to include a visit to your new space or try and get hold of a previous plan. This task will probably take a lot of time, depending on the amount of goods and staff you are planning to relocate.

•    Gather as many moving materials and equipment as you can, in advance – cardboard boxes, crates, labels etc. Or find out where you can hire these items if you do not have access to them.

•    If your business move involves handling pains, gas and fuel, you might need help and advice from experts who specialise in this area

•    A lot of removal services will offer you a packing service. This entirely depends on your requirements, so ensure you know exactly what type of move you want. You might prefer your employees or colleagues to pack themselves and then hiring only a van man or removal lorry service.

•    If you can, remember to take measurements of any devices and larger items. This will help any removal service you consider using and make their lives a little easier. Remember that your office move is not just down to them, you need to be organised too.

•    Upon arrival of your new office, ensure you check there is a working internet connection otherwise you might find that your employees can’t do any work. Checking that monitors, switches, water and electricity all work can often be neglected accidentally, so try to make these a priority.

•    You will need to ensure your new office space is as comfortable and safe as possible. If you need help with this area, consider hiring a health and safety advisor and this will help to improve the health and wellbeing of your employed team.

•    Never allow your staff to lift or load any heavy items unless they are properly trained. Goods like light boxes are okay to move but larger goods such as furniture and electronics should be left to the professionals.

•    Remember to take advantage of hiring a removal company if this is the choice that suits you and your business the best. Allow them to unload goods with your instruction to where they belong. If both you and your hired removal company work as a team, you’ll find moving offices a lot easier and less stressful than you perhaps first considered.

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