About Us

Bermondsey Removals is a removals company based in Bermondsey, London. We strive to help customers with their home or office move by providing a thorough, expertly planned, reliable and personal service. We take care of any and all aspects of a move from early planning stages all the way through to the final steps. What makes us different from other removal services is our flexibility, as we don’t offer inflexible packages but a custom service to suite the needs of the client.

Our Team

To be the best we have to hire the best. That is why we are very careful and scrupulous when on the search for new staff. We want people who know the removal business inside and out. Who has experience doing everything, not just carrying and driving, but also knows how to pack good properly for transport and storage. Who knows how to dismantle and then reassemble furniture. A person who is patient and friendly who will guide our customers and give them advice and clarification whenever they need it. We need people who are punctual and work swiftly but properly. We would rather have a client remember how pleasant and helpful our staff were rather than remising how they got the job done. Our main aim is to take the hassle and stress out of a move and having forthcoming staff who make the whole experience more relaxing is key.

Our Vehicles

To make the work go easily we need to have the best equipment and this mostly revolves around our vehicles. We can’t just use any old car or van ad we need something that can accommodate many items but in a way that can keep them safe. There’s no point having a lorry which can store a client’s whole life but then everything is bashed about as it’s transported. It’s a similar case when considering the size of transport a having a range larger vehicles will only go so far and if we are just moving a few small items then more appropriate vehicles should be used. Our means of transport also have to be kept in top condition to prevent break downs which could move a delay and an abrupt van or lorry could cause damage to it’s cargo.

Our Services

Bermondsey Removals sets out to have the largest variety of services available to a customer so that they can get an inclusive package that will take care of any aspect of their move. We know how much work goes into moving into a new home or office so we want to take of the edge and do as much as we can for our customers. We want to make a move something that is enjoyed so the consumer can focus on the new life that is awaiting them and not the paperwork and packing and more that goes into a move. In order to do this we work for the customer. We do what they want and don’t declare what should be done. We do it their way, not ours. If they want us to move a couple of pieces of furniture or supply them with boxes then we’ll be happy to help as much as if they asked us to tackle every aspect of their relocation. Each thing we provide is a token of trust to customers and one we hope they take advantage of.

Contact Us

We want anyone who needs assistance with their move to call us on Call Now!. If they are just considering a move or they’re deep in the process then we want to help them.

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