Bermondsey Packing and Boxes

Packing is the quintessential image of moving home or office but it’s not looked upon favourably. People just think of all the hard work they have to put and before you know it you’re stressed out and you haven’t even started yet. You make a plan on how what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it and it doesn’t make it look any easier, instead in just makes you realise how much work you’ll have to do. If you’re smart you’ll make an inventory of all your things at the start which ensures nothing gets lost of forgotten but it’s very time consuming. Then you need to start searching for affordable containers and wrapping but if you skimp on the price you’ll find that what you’ve bought isn’t up to standard. Then comes the actual packing. It seems straight forward but you can’t just throw things into boxes haphazardly as it will mean things getting damaged, containers unable to support the weight and having to carry dangerously heavy boxes.

This is just a summary of what you have to face and it alone makes packing unbearable. But what if there was a way to sort all of these problems? What if someone could come in and do all the hard work for you? Well you’re in luck because that someone is and we’re prepared to take on every task and challenge of you move for you, to make it a simple and quick experience.

Call us on Call Now! before you begin your move and we’ll offer advice on how to approach everything and the best ways to complete your tasks but can take a more active role. We call supply you with the best materials such as bubble wrap to safeguard your possessions and the optimal containers. Wardrobe boxes are essential as they are the best move to move clothes, keeping them free from creases and cuts.

All purpose containers are something we have researched heavily for your convenience so we can bestow you with reusable boxes. They will be durable and come in various sizes. We can use different materials, not just cardboard, for items that need it. So whatever you’re taking to your new home or office, we’ve got you covered.

Our team aren’t just hired for their expertise, we only go after those who are friendly, polite and patient so you shouldn’t hesitate to ask them an queries you may have and they will give you the answer you need. They are experienced in all types and aspects of a move so they will do whatever is need of them properly and speedily. If they package your goods they will be extra careful not to damage then and will bundle everything properly so that it is easily carried and loaded.

If you’re still worrying about moving your furniture then rest easy. Large items such as desks, wardrobes and sofas are covered by our service and we’ll have them at your new location when you need them. If necessary and/or applicable we can dismantle larger items to make it easier to remove from you home and then transport. As soon as it gets to your new home or office we will quickly rebuild it as good as new.

So call us now so we can provide you with a free quote and you’ll find that we don’t just offer good services but also excellent prices. It usually takes us a day to pack and transport the contents of a two bedroom house so you know that your move will be not be the typical moving nightmare but a fleeting memory.

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