Moving Your Furniture in Bermondsey

Packing up all of your small belongings into boxes and whatnot can be one of the biggest hassles of moving but what you may not realise is that moving furniture can be an even bigger annoyance. The larger size of the items mean that it’s harder to wrap, move, load, transport, unload, unpack and set up again. It can be a nightmare. Some people have avoided this problem by simply abandoning their old furniture and buying new furnishings directly for their new home despite the expense. If you are worried about the hassle then rather then going down an expensive route, call and we’ll solve all your furniture removals for a reasonable price. is a top removal company in Bermondsey that assists people with all their moving needs. Whether you’re relocating from your home or office we can help. First and foremost we’ll give you advice and direction so you know what to do and how to do it. The first thing that may need to be done is dissembling your furniture. Large items such as desks and wardrobes can be taken apart easily. This makes them much easier to carry. Then we can wrap your things to protect them using materials such as bubble wrap but things like blankets can also be used. It may seem simple but this can defend your furniture from all sorts of hazards including dents, breaks and staining. We take good care of your belongings and strive to ensure that nothing adverse happens to them.

Once everything is ready to be moved let us know if you want us to provide transport for you. If you ask for our support we guarantee that it will cheaper then calling a different firm if you have already been assisted by us earlier in your move. We’ll load all your furniture onto the truck/van for you and won’t damage anything and because our team are professionals there will be no injuries that can occur when lifting large goods. Then we take them to the location of your move straight away. If there’s a gap between packing and moving that’s no problem as we’ll be there when you need us. If you don’t want your things straight away you will surely be interested in our storage facilities where we can hold onto your goods securely until they are ready to be moved.

Just because your things finally arrive at your new home or office doesn’t mean our work is done. We’ll gladly unload, unpack, move and reassemble all of your furniture, taking measures so that we don’t do any damage to your new home when moving the them. Our team are experienced and physically capable of moving large and heavy objects carefully and we know how to put everything back together again properly so there will be no breakage and it will be rebuilt so that it is structurally stable.

Our services are there for your benefit and as such they are customized for you too. Some companies might offer a range of unyielding packages but with us you ask us how we can help you and we charge for only the services you utilise. We can come in at any step, so don’t think we will only be there for you at the beginning, as you can call us just to move and unload your goods if you wish but we won’t hesitate to help you every step of the way. So give us a call now on Call Now! and discuss how we can solve a big problem with a simple solution.

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