International Moves From Bermondsey

If you live in Bermondsey you will know how it’s a vibrant area with lots to see and do and is in the middle of London so you know there’s even more things around for you to experience but sometimes where we live isn’t a good fit or we get bored and want to go somewhere truly different that will offer a whole new way of life. This is when we start considering international moves. At first it sounds exciting but soon you’re hit with the realisation that it will be a very difficult process, lucky for you is here to help.

The amount of work can be staggering when moving from the UK into the EU but you shouldn’t worry about that at first as you should enjoy the exciting process of searching and picking your new home. You should make sure before finalising your choice that it will suit all your needs, from the number of rooms, whether it has a garden and/or garage and other features and if you’re unsure we’ll be happy to give you advice. Once you chosen your home you should visit the neighbourhood several times before making a final purchase. Get to know the surrounding area so you know what to expect and if it’s needs suit you, as you will need to know things such as the distance of local schools if you have children. Try to meet your neighbours too as they will give you an honest opinion of the vicinity and maybe even become your new friends.

Paperwork and filling out forms is something no one enjoys and unfortunately there’s a lot involved when making a foreign move. You will also have to take into account local laws, citizenship requirements as well as register with the local authorities before you finalise your move. Your belongings will have to be insured and be applicable with any restrictions. Taking care of all this can be a hassle but that’s why our company is here. With our experienced knowledgeable staff we can help and complete all of this for you allowing you to turn your attention to other parts of your move.

It’s not just the clerical work that we take care of when you move as we’ll do all the physical stuff too. We will take care of or just guide you with the packaging step. We provide the best wrapping and containers available that will keep your belongings protected and safe. Don’t think we’d forget about your furniture as we will take care of this too, deconstructing and rebuilding it if necessary. Cars can also be transported by us so you’ll have your vehicle as soon as you arrive. We can ship your things using air or sea but whichever is used we will have your things ready for you intact and on time. If you don’t want your things straight away then you can make use of local storage facilities that we safe house your possessions until you need them.

Once you land in your new country we’ll be there to pick you up and take you home. At this point we will communicate with custom agencies and shipping concerns in the local language to take care of any outstanding problems finalise your move. We can unpack and set up all of your belongings for you and rebuild your furniture in your new home.

So call us on Call Now! when you want to make change and will do everything to make your international move from Bermondsey a reality.

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