Cheap self-storage is not always the better option but the great advantage of it is that you can use it for personal and business reasons. Not all of the self-storage units are safe, you need to be aware of what companies are legit and how secure they really are. Use the internet to look into this and consider who it is looking after your goods. Self-storage services do give you plenty of room and space to keep your belongings within a certain amount of time, which is brilliant if you’re in between houses and removal. Self-storage is essentially the ultimate ‘do it yourself’ service within the storage world.

The self-storage spaces and sizes totally depend on the amount of goods you are putting by and according to your specific needs and personal circumstances. It could be anything from clothing to kitchenware and furniture you are planning to store, there are so many options in self-storage that you will find something perfect for you. You can visit your self-storage space whenever you need to and whenever it suits you. This also includes adding items and removing them, it is totally up to you.

Another good storage option for your removal is to go for portable storage units/pods. This option gives you a lot more time to pack and store goods before you do. These pods can come in various shapes and sizes so whatever you are planning to store, there will be something to suit you and your needs. The fact they are portable means you can move them when you need to (with assistance ad professional help) and you won’t have a limited time to rent them, you can just pay the monthly charge through direct debit and keep it clean and maintained as instructed. It’s then up to you when you want to finish using it. So this is a great option for those removals that are taking a little longer than first planned.

Storage containers are also widely available from local stores and supermarkets. This is probably the cheapest option and are often considered to be the safest, as you will be storing your on goods within your own home, on your own terms. Some people don’t feel too comfortable leaving their goods in a storage unit as some do have a less reputable name and there are some companies that aren’t as secure as other. But again, to determine this is totally down to your own research. You can choose from a variety of storage containers depending on what it is that you need – from kitchen goods to clothing and larger boxes for appliances and electronics, there is something for every removal.
Consider plastic storage boxes for storing clothing during seasonal months and to keep toys and other bits and pieces while they aren’t in use. Also, shelving units can hold storage containers and is a very cost-effective way to store your goods and relocate on a smaller budget.

Try to consider all of your options before you go for the obvious self-storage service. If you can do it on the cheap, why not go for DIY storage? Or see if friends, neighbours or families can store some goods for you in their homes and garages while you are in between moving? There is a type of storage option for everyone so consider them all, and plan your removal well in advance for a stress-free and smooth move.

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