Moving home can be incredibly stressful and fraught with tricky logistics and stretched budgets but there is nothing that keeps you from making it easier. If you decided to move and you want a stress free SE16 relocation, most people tell you that you should consider hiring some professionals. Because no matter how easy it seems, this process can become a real nightmare if not handled properly. Don’t think that just because on TV or commercials this task seems easy it is the same in the real life, because is not. And the most difficult thing when relocating is loading a SE16 removals van. It is considered difficult because you don’t have the necessary skills, tools and experience. But, with a few tips you can become a real professional when it comes to loading a removal van SE16. Here is the easiest moving and complete guide on how to load a removals van using a professional approach:

•    Planning- this is crucial as it will keep everything in place and will help you have a successful relocation. As soon as you decided upon your requirements, book a vehicle with the appropriate size for your needs. Most of the renting vans companies will probably advise you on the size of the van you should rent and will provide you with professional Bermondsey movers. Still, if you do it alone and you just want to rent a van, consider renting a medium sized one, especially if you are moving on short distances. Your belongings might not all fit in the van and you may have to make multiple trips, but this could be more cost effective, especially if you are not moving too far away. Also allow sufficient time for packing and wrap everything in high quality packing supplies. If you are dismantling your furniture, keep all the screws and fittings with the item they belong to.

•    Check your equipment - this is also an important factor as you will have to check whether you have the necessary equipment or not. Also when relocate; get hold on trolley, dolly trucks, blankets and boxes with enough strength. Dropping something is surely not on your checklist.

•    When loading your van you need to be careful with everything and avoid being disorganized. When you put the boxes and furniture in the van plan every position carefully. The heavier pieces such as a fridge or a wardrobe will be placed on the internal wall of the van and secured with ropes and straps. Also the sturdier items will be place on the bottom of the van with the most fragile goods on top. If there are any remaining gaps, fill them with rugs or smaller items. To protect your furniture use blankets and sheets and put your long glass materials between your mattresses or cushions. Check one more time that everything is secured before driving off.

•    Do not ignore your health and safety either. You need to hydrate yourself during the loading process and to eat properly. Also, when loading and unloading your goods keep your back straight while using your legs to lift the boxes. Be careful not to twist when you bend over as well.

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