To pack like a professional, there are certain tricks of the trade to go by. Packing can seem a like a lot of effort but once you know the best way to do it, you’ll soon be an expert at it and teaching others to be the same. It’s easy once you know how and this can be applied to packing for a holiday, packing-up to move or a simple overnight stay. Wherever your destination you should pack following these very simple steps for a stress-free move or journey.
    Create outfits to save you space. This can work whether you’re male, female or have children to pack for. If you’re going on holiday, check the weather and work out whether you really need five shirts or seven dresses. Also, the length of time and amenities available will help you decide the amount of items. If you’re likely to have a washing machine, then don’t double up too much especially if you’re going away for two weeks or more. When moving, you’ll want to have a clear out first and work out what key pieces are worth staying and what you really don’t wear. This exercise works with accessories, shoes and even miscellaneous items too. Try and be brutal when having a de-clutter and travel light rather than heavy.
    Start a travel drawer or simply make piles of what you want to take, are considering in taking and probably will donate to charity or a friend. Again, this really depends on whether you’re moving away, going on holiday, travelling or just spending a few nights in a hotel. As these techniques can be applied to any packing situation, make sure you choose the right steps appropriate for you and don’t have a huge clear out the night before you holiday instead of packing.
    Remember to travel light. Unless you’ve got a removal van, that suitcase will probably spend at least four hours with you during the day so don’t overdo it. Folding and rolling are great techniques for creating space and making your case feel a lot lighter. Placing your shoes at the bottom of your suitcase  and layering up your clothes on top is another go-to rule for packing like a professional. You’ll be amazed at how much space you save and create by doing this and this is such a simple trick that can be applied from here forward.
    Under-packing is another trick to packing properly. If you’re unsure about it, then just don’t take it. You’ll regret wasting space with something you’re unlikely to wear. It’s better to take less and items that you could possibly wear twice to save space rather than waste space with unnecessary indulgence. This is where planning outfits and mixing and matching really come in handy. Using these useful packing tools will really help you to ease the load and ditch unnecessary items you don’t particularly need or want anymore.
    Toiletries are heavy and funnily enough aren’t unavailable abroad or in a new city. Unless it’s brand new and you really want to take it, you can probably buy it there, so don’t weigh up your kilos with shampoos and shower gels, just take absolute essentials and get what you need out there. Suncream is also very hefty and unnecessary. Take one, you can always buy more. The same applies to after sun and even towels.
    Wear layers. Perfect for a journey, layer-up to avoid taking up too much space. This rule applies more when flying, rather than moving house, but it’s a good one to live by. Wearing heavier items such as jeans can really create space and overall make your packing or moving load lighter and more carefully planned out.

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