Moving house to the SE1 London area needn’t be something to worry about. Removal is something most people will have to experience at least once during their lives. It can be quite a long and gruelling task that seems to take up a lot of our time and effort, but through organisation and careful planning, packing for your move in advance will help to ease off any pressure. Once you’ve cracked how to pack, you’ll then be able to pack and de-clutter for years to come and apply what you have learnt efficiently to your everyday life.

•    First things first, pack sensibly. Taking fewer items with you to your new SE1 home will prove a lot more cost-efficient. Plus, once you get in the habit of this, it’s something you can apply to packing, moving and de-cluttering in general. There are plenty of ways to get rid items you no longer use. Why not try a jumble or car boot sale? You could also consider offering items to friends who may be interested. When you do have a clear out, ensure you recycle accordingly to help our environment.

•    To protect delicate goods such as glass or porcelian from breakage or scratching, wrapping them up carefully will help you to avoid this; try to pack any fragile items individually. Pair and group up items by category or room, for example, to make unpacking easier for you.

•    The key materials to have to hand for packing up your home are markers, tape, labels, a good range of materials such as towels, paper and bubble wrap. Not forgetting boxes – ensure you have a good range with assorted sizes.

•    Always take extra care when moving furniture. Not only is it heavy, it’s prone to damage too. Consider hiring help if needs be. Also ensure any boxes you are moving are sturdy and wrap cables around appliances to avoid damage.

•    Keep any valuables with you on the day of the move to your chosen SE1 location if you can, or consider storage.  Also, make sure you have a box of basics such as essential appliances (a kettle or toaster) toiletries and so fourth.

•    Remember to consider pets, children, neighbours and friends before you move areas. You might only be packing for yourself or you may have to pack for your whole family. Try and get as much help as possible if you need it, especially if you are planning a DIY removal.

•    Secure spaces for parking to avoid over-crowding or the stress of finding somewhere to park on the day. This is of course dependent on the type of removal you choose. But whether you hire help or not, try to avoid any delays as loading and unloading your items will take time.

•    Clean and tidy your home or hire professionals to help you. This is also a good chance to check you have packed or removed anything you need or don’t need.

•    A final scan around your home is vital – check that the windows are locked, any cupboards and drawers are empty and lighting is switched off, for example. And don’t forget to take any last gas and electricity readings!

•    Once you are packed and ready to go, you can move into your new SE1 home as stress-free and easy as possible. And remember, packing and planning can be applied to holidays, short breaks or decluttering in general, not just SE1 removals.

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