Undertaking any activity for the first time involves a lot of nervous anticipation, anxiety and at the same time, tons of excitement. Moving to a new home is just like that, except it also involves lot of boxes and bubble wrap! Instead of getting overwhelmed by all the things you need to do, use our advice on how you can make the removal an easy one!

Making the decision to move for the first time is a big step. Keeping a checklist of all the things that need to be done is a simple and effective way of making sure that you stay on track, don’t forget anything and experience the least amount of stress possible while you pack and move.

This checklist can involve a step-by-step plan of action including the things to take care of. You can assign different tasks to different days. You can choose days when you sort through your things and decide which ones to pick and which you want to discard, days when you clean everything to have it ready for packing, and days when you pack things according to the rooms, etc.

Relocating is a huge task, and it is best you seek or hire help for it. You can rope in family or friends for this task or employ professional movers and packers who will take over the task of home removal for you.
Getting professional help when you’re moving for the very first time a good idea given that you have absolutely no prior experience with the task. Hiring professionals who do the same thing daily and are known for it will mean you won’t be taking any risks with your relocation. You can be sure that the packing is done keeping the highest possible safety standards in mind and nothing is at risk while loading and unloading. You can lend a helping hand, certainly, and you’ll also learn how it is done, so that if you move again later, you will have learned from the best!

Keep a list of items as they are packed and make an inventory of which box each item has been packed into, especially with valuable items. Keep this list with your important documents and make sure it is accessible during the time of the move. It helps if you get things insured. The removal firm can also help in this regard.

Keep a separate bag of the essential items you will require on-hand for first couple of days in your new home. These should include a pair of nightclothes, essential toiletries and a towel for each person, any medicine and health items etc.

Ensure that the utilities in the home you are leaving have been turned off, and the ones in the new home are up and running. You will want to be sure that there is running water and electricity in the new home when you move. Paying any outstanding bills and cancelling subscriptions should also be addressed at this step. It might also help to ask the post office to direct all your mail to the new residence for the first couple of months, until you are sure that everyone has your new address and contact details on record.

When move day comes knocking, make sure that there is help around. You will find yourself remembering tons of last-minute errands and odd jobs, and having a few people around to assist you will help. If you are moving independently and if a firm is handling it for you then keep children or pets out of the way so that things run efficiently. Most of all, keep calm. Good luck moving!

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