There are so many services available for removals and relocating, but which one is best for you? If you’re on a bit of a budget and would prefer a quick and easy service for loading and unloading in particular, consider a van man service to get the job done as soon as possible.

They’ll do the hard work…
If you haven’t got much stuff to move, just a simple man and van service will do the job and save you money. But if you’ve got lots of bits and pieces, large furniture and numerous boxes to move then it’s a lot better to go for a larger firm who can pack your furniture up in a bigger lorry, and make the most out of their space. They will effectively do the whole job for you, whereas a man and van service will load up and move you, once you have packed. But by doing so they will take off the stress of moving heavy objects and therefore you won’t have to lift a finger after packing up your goods. Some man and van services do offer packing as an add-on, just discuss your options before you sign. Ensure the man and van company you hire know what you are taking so they can plan your move, without this information, they can’t help you.

They’ll know their stuff…
Depending on which man and van company you decide to move with, they will have a good idea of the area you are moving to and therefore will be able to calculate times and prices according to journey length. They will also be able to advise you on the right day to move, the right time to move, give you any extra information or answer any questions you may have associated with removals on a whole. They are professionals, they know about removals and they will be happy to help you whether you have a large load of goods or a small amount to move.  

They’ll have a good reputation…
For your house removal, research wisely on the web, read newspapers, magazines, booklets, leaflets, flyers, advertisements and word of mouth to help you search. Recommendations are always a great option so keep an open mind and shop around. You can research companies online for reviews to back up your final choice. There are numerous man and van services available in London; it’s really a case of finding the best one to suit your budget and your needs. Most services will hold a good reputation, and as long as they are insured and registered – you can put your trust into them. A renowned man and van service is very easy to come by as long as you do your research.

What do I need to do?
Once you have decided on a man and van service for your move, they will then need the details of where you currently live and where you are moving to. To make their job easier, double check parking spaces, prices, resident parking and ensure you will definitely have the keys to your new place ready on the day of removal. These small details will count towards bigger stress if they are dismissed so it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. Keep in regular contact with your man and van service to avoid any nasty surprises on the day. You will both need to know the plan and keep each other updated for a smooth, simple move.

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